• Building renovations
  • Camp buildings (new or renovations/repairs)
  • Case Statements and proposals for Capital Campaign
  • Drilling new water well
  • Equipment – trucks, defibrillators (AED), vans, tractor, sheds, tables 3-D targets, concrete work, fencing, etc.
  • Equipment to start new High Adventure/Cub World programs
  • Shooting sports
  • Swimming pool
  • Technology


  • Arts classes
  • Exploring
  • General operating
  • General operations for Camp
  • Learning for Life
  • Literacy
  • Marketing funds
  • Mexican/American border towns
  • Program Aides
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs
  • Scoutreach
  • Special Needs Traditional Scouting unit
  • Youth Development... and more

Depending on where a new client is in the development of foundation relationships, our team takes the following steps:

  • Research funders, develop annual plan, and submit grant proposals in accordance to the plan
  • Develop and create all grant materials meeting standards of your staff
  • Maintain records of all contacts (notes, drafts, etc.) and providing copies to the client
  • Encourage the development or refinement of program evaluation tools
  • Provide grant acknowledgement (thank you) letters meeting IRS guidelines for both "yes" and "no" responses
  • Provide reports to grantors as requested
  • Provide a monthly report to the client for submission to board of directors

For Boy Scouts of America clients our proposals are built on sources from related fields including: How Children Succeed by Paul Touch (perseverance as a factor in education), Graduation for All by Camilla A. Lehr (dropout prevention), and the Tufts University based Cub Scout studies lead by Dr. Richard Lerner.


Grant Topics Covered in Past Proposals


  • Case Statement